Tahuna Ski Trip - 2015

By Siale Tunoka | Posted: Wednesday August 12, 2015

"What a great snow year we are having! There is wall to wall riding with great snow cover over the whole mountain", was the initial reaction of the Coronet staff, when we arrived for our first morning of our annual Tahuna School Ski trip. We knew it was going to be a fantastic weekend!

There is so much to mention about the ski trip. But the main point was that it was a great opportunity to make new friends and was the first time I had ever been to coronet peak! The slopes where fun and easy and it is so organised when you need to go on the magic carpet and the chair lifts because they have machines and lines that tell you when to go. The ride up on the bus was so peaceful and fun. It was such a great view at night from the bottom of the hill and an even better view from the top. The house that we stayed in was so warm and the couple who let us stay there were even nicer. The bunk rooms were so warm and big. When I got my Skis the people working there were so nice and made sure that you had the right size and made sure that your boots were comfortable. The food up on the mountain in the cafeteria was so nice they had everything from fish & chips to fizzies drinks! The walk up to the ski field only takes 2 minutes from the house. But can get quite slippery. In town when we got our Friday nights dinner there were so many choices in what to eat. Like McDonald's, Sushi and even Dumplings. I loved the ski trip and if anyone else went they would love it too !!!

By Eliza Stevenson - Room 16

I had a great time on the ski trip the bus ride up took four hours and then we had tea in Queenstown. it was cool to stay up on the mountain because the snow was right outside our door and it was only a two minute walk to the ski field.

On both mornings we woke up early and headed to the ski field, first up was the lessons. I learnt that you have to lean on your outside foot when turning to keep your skis parallel. After the lesson we could ski in buddy's or with teachers. One of the most fun things was skiing with the teachers on some of the harder tracks. It was really scary when Macey and I were on a really steep part and it was very icy, so we just had to slip and slide our way down.

The food was soo good, we had yummy lasagne on the first night and a endless supply of baking.

I was soooo tired when we got back to Dunedin after the fun-fillled weekend we had at Coronet Peak!!

By Kaiya Casswell - Room 15