Late Breaking News..Tahuna finish 1st and 3rd in the Otago Extra Current Events final.

By Mike Jenkinson | Posted: Wednesday September 23, 2015

A big night, a big crowd, some final words of advice from our Principal to the teams and we were underway for 100 questions on current events during 2015.

Going into the two final rounds Tahuna A and Tahuna C (Oscar, Mason and Peter Blaike) were a couple of the teams left with a chance to win the trophy. At the end of the night Tahuna C had finished third by a point and Tahuna A had won by 3 points. All the hard work and study had paid off and the delight on the boys faces was priceless. Finn, Josh and Lewis told me later that they 'thought they'd blown it' after a slow start but 'weren't going to quit'. On a final note, Finns' younger brother, Hamish, was a member of the winning Yr5-6 team! Great effort from all teams.