Remuera Intermediate Exchange 2019

By Roddy Scoles | Posted: Friday February 1, 2019

Expressions of interest in this fantastic trip are open now!

Mid Term Two (exact dates with be finalised when we book flights), up to 30 pupils, two teachers and a parent, will fly to Auckland where they will be met by their billets from Remuera Intermediate School. Monday to Friday of that week they will be engaged in a number of educational activities at Remuera and other venues around Auckland. 

This year in order to get the best possible deal on flights I have not booked the tickets with Group Bookings. Students will have the opportunity to confirm their interest before 22nd February and the deposit for flights will need to paid the following week.  

This programme will be developed by the host school and the group finally flies home on Friday afternoon.

Activities in the past have included visiting Rangitoto Island, Rainbows End, Sky Tower, Auckland Zoo, Kelly Tarltons and Sylvia Park Shopping Centre.

In addition to airfares the other costs during the week are bus fares and entries to venues and activities. The cost for the week for each student is is anticipated to be approximately $600. Down the bottom of the article is a notice with further information.

It is great to see the personal growth and confidence boast that all students that go on the trip receive. Being away from family and staying with another family in a different environment definitely promotes independence!

Students are now able to start applying for this adventure and can see Mr Scoles or Mrs Reddington about how to do this.

Students Quotes

Rainbows End was my favourite because it was the most fun! 

Rainbows End was my favourite because I liked going on the rides with my friends.

The most precious trip in Auckland has to be going to the zoo. I haven't seen so many animals in one place before so cool. 

I enjoyed Rainbows End the most because we got to spend more time with my billet and the rides were amazing especially the Stratosfear. 

I really enjoyed Kelly Tarltons and the Sky Tower on Monday. It was really cool because I love sea life and I have never been to the Sky Tower ! 

A good part of the Remuera Exchange for me was getting to know another family and their lifestyle. I also really enjoyed Rainbows End because my first time on a roller coaster.

Meeting new people and seeing what they do differently to us and doing different things... 

Making new friends. Being around new people that you might not meet at school. 

Email from a Tahuna parent whose child went on the trip:

Thanks again for the great opportunity you provided Johnny (not the students real name!) with going on the Remuera exchange. I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend to catch up after such a busy week away.

I thought I would pass on a message that Johnny's host family sent me:

“You should be so proud of Johnny, what a great kid! He’s slotted in and been an absolute pleasure to have. I hope he has enjoyed his time with us- they’ve definitely had an action packed week. We will be sad to see him go tomorrow (even the girls have enjoyed having him around). It would be great for the boys to keep and touch and contact us if you are ever up here”.

Always good to hear they did themselves, their family and their school proud.

Further enquiries to Mr Scoles.

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