Peninsula Bus Student says "Thanks!"

By Hugh Jack | Posted: Thursday March 14, 2019

Last year in term one we had a school bus that picked up Peninsula students and dropped us off right outside school. This was without question, very convenient.

But then Ritchie’s announced that they would be closing down the school bus route, and there would be no more school bus starting in term two.

Jason Graham worked extremely hard to get that bus route or one similar back. Jason and local news  took videos of us, myself included, using the public bus route. This dropped us off at McDonalds, where we had to walk from to school.  I can tell you first hand that we were late to school that day and you would have to run a lot of the way to get to school on time. 

This was inconvenient! After school you had to walk to Mitre 10, where the bus would pick you up at 4:00pm if you were lucky. I live in Company Bay, which isn’t actually that far down the peninsula, and when Jason did a video of us using the public bus route on the way home, I got back at well past 4:30.

So thank you Jason Graham, for working so hard for so long to get back an altered bus route which drops us off at Musselburgh Rise (about a 5 minute walk to school) and picks us up from the same place after school.

I catch this bus 8 out of 10 times a week, and it is so much better than the old route. I get home at about 4:00, and I’m not late to school in the mornings. I would even say that it’s better than the bus service last year. With a go card, the price is $1.52 each way for kids, compared to last year’s $4. This never would’ve been possible without Jason, and on behalf of all the Tahuna students that catch this bus, I would like to say thank you, again.

I would also like to say thank you to the Otago Regional Council, for listening and making those changes. It’s been great to be back on the bus and everyone enjoys taking it.

Thank you once again Jason, and thank you to the ORC.

Hugh Jack Room 9