Year 8 Design Tech Project

By Nelia & Lilly | Posted: Sunday March 8, 2015

This week in technology our unit was to design and make an electronic circuit, so thats what we did!

 First we had to work out how to create a circuit using wires, a switch and LED lights. Different options were available for us to choose from. Some students chose a trip wire while others designed LED light displays. Lilly and I chose the challenging task of making a LED light using an in parallel circuit. We wanted to create an interesting light display for our rooms.

First we had to carefully join the LED lights together using a soldering iron. After the circuit was complete we cut out an acrylic shape to mount the circuit onto. We chose to make a purple heart shape. Next we drilled the holes so we could attach the LED lights to the acrylic. The final stage was hot gluing the battery case to the acrylic heart. A 9 volt battery is the power source to the LED lights.

The final result was fabulous and the LED lights were glowing brightly in our rooms.