By Roddy Scoles | Posted: Friday November 9, 2018

Pride and appearance goes hand in hand with standards, building self-esteem and confidence. There is a downloadable copy of the uniform price list from NZ Uniforms at the bottom of this page.

Uniform should be comfortable, allowing for growth and worn with pride.


May be worn to and from school in the winter months but must be taken off on arrival at school unless they are being worn for PE.

P.E Gear

P.E gear including a pair of appropriate sports shoes is to be carried to school everyday. This uniformis for P.E sessions only; students must change out of their P.E gear before leaving school at the end of the day. PE tops should be cleaned regularly for hygiene reasons.

School Shoes

Black lace-up leather/leather-looking shoes are regulation uniform. No canvas or soft skate/sports shoes are permitted. High-heeled shoes, boots, slip-ons or buckled-shoes are not suitable. Any trainers/running shoes are suitable for P.E.

Naming Uniform

It is essential that all items of clothing be named. A huge amount of lost property is handed in to the office daily, and can be returned to it’s owner if named.

General Appearance

No make-up, nail polish or jewellery please. One small plain gold/silver stud in each ear is the only exception.

Hair is to be of natural colour and if long, tied back with a plain hair tie. No colourful headbands, Scrunchies, or clips to be worn.

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