Room 13's Rhyming Couplets

By Kate Walsh | Posted: Wednesday October 23, 2019

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Pavlova is very yummy,

It fills up your empty tummy.

But before you eat pavlova,

You have a roast with date and clover.

Poor max got the very last piece,

A slither,tiny and pate.

It seems max had a very bad day,

But then he heard his dad say,

“Next time you'll get the biggest cut”,

But he crossed his fingers behind his butt.

Next christmas they had a pav,

And max turned very very mad,

When he saw his dad have half the lot,

Max decided to plan an evil plot.

He stuffed moldy cheese up his dads wig,

While his dad was eating his prized fig,

When his father put the wig on his head,

He screamed and yelled and ran to bed.

He didn't sleep at all last night,

Him and max were in a fight.

His dad said “sorry” but max just said,

“I do not accept ted”,

“Don't call me ted call me father”,

“Nah I'd rather call you grandpa farter”,

“DON'T CALL ME THAT” his dad screamed back,

But max was gone as quick as that!

By Tui

Their was a boy named Billy

That kid was very silly

He disliked pavlova

So the next day he fell over

He loved watching the all blacks games

But he thort they were so lame

His dad said have some hokey pokey

Then billy said okey dockey

Then his dad got confused

And his house had a big fuse

And that was the end of billy

Because he was so silly

By Caleb

Billy was jumping on his bed

Then he saw his dads head

Peeking through the doorframe

His dad was really lame

He told him off for being creepy

Next time he should be more sneaky

But his dad didn’t care

He just acted like he couldn’t hear

But billy was mad

Looking at his dad

He wished his dad was dead

So he hopped down, jumped off his bed

He grabbed a sandal, threw it at his head

It cut off his ear

Now he couldn’t hear

His brain leaked out

Billy freaked out

By Lucas

Rhyming couplets

A little kiwifruit,

When shopping for gumboots

Then found a fox

That was on a box

then got hockey pokey,

then left saying “oaky doaky”

By Charlotte