Limericks in Room 13

By Kate Walsh | Posted: Wednesday October 23, 2019

This term our writing focus is poetry. Check out some of our Limericks:

There once was a depressed goat,

Who wore a dull, grey dirty coat,

He jumped of a barge

Which was very large,

And then he started to float.

By Jake Patterson

There once was a woman named fountain

She wanted to climb a big mountain

Then she went up

But she lost her best bud

At least she climbed a mountain

By Lucas Begg

There once was a bear called gummy

Who was always called a dummy

So told his teacher

who was once a preacher

But made him look funny.

By Dina Veituna

There once was an old moo cow,

And one day she stole a towel,

Then she went to jail,

But she still got junk mail,

So she broke out of jail and said “ciao”!

By Tui Moore

There was a cool pig named Stanley

And my god he was so damn manly

He beat the ender dragon

And he didn’t start braggin’

Because he was so damn manly.

By Travis Nevell