Samuel and Rocko get stuck into the Science Show!

By Jade Reddington | Posted: Saturday October 26, 2019

Samuel and Rocko get stuck into the Science Show! Both come away with big prizes. Here is Samuel's story.

When my family and I found out the museum was doing a science show I was immediately hooked. I had many options for what to do but in the end I chose electrostatic attraction. 

One of the criteria was to make a video explaining the science and showing off the experiment. My dad and I spent ages story boarding and thinking about ideas to put in it. After we finally got our ideas sorted it was time to film.

My mum and I spent 3 days deciding, making, practicing scenes and researching our topic. Our final video was the best we could do and with only 1 hour left of the competition I entered the video and hoped that our time spent making the video paid off!

3 days later I came to the price giving hoping that I would get a prize, it took a while for "the science guy" to announce all the names, finally my name was called....  I had won first place! 

The prize was worth all the hard work I put in. It was valued at $750! I'm glad I did the competition and hope I get to try out next year! Click on the link below to watch my Youtube video!

Samuel Mitchell