Tahuna White Water Rafting 2019

By Grant Philips | Posted: Wednesday October 30, 2019

White Water Rafting action from this years Trip. By Lukas & Sophie Rm 17

Lukas: On the 16 th of October a group of 40 kids went to the Taieri River to raft.

Sophie: When we had all arrived we got ready for the walk to the jet boat.

Lukas: Then we caught a jet boat ride upstream to an area of rocks where we had lunch.

Sophie: After everyone had filled themselves up with food the groups turned into more groups and we ascended into the rafts.

Lukas: We splashed down the river speeding through rapids.

Sophie: One of the best parts was the jet boat ride because it went fast. All in all, it was very fun and a great experience.

Lukas: So Year 7's if you missed out on this years rafting be sure to apply for it next year.