China Trip a Huge Success

By Courtney Lousley | Posted: Tuesday October 29, 2019

On October 15th 18 students 2 teachers and 1 awesome parent headed to China for a 2 week educational tour. To promote cultural understanding and get to visit our sister schools in Zhengzhou and Nanjing.

After many months of preparation the trip finally came about. There were 18 kids and whanau at Momona preparing to leave. That seems like a very long time ago. 

We have been on many flights, busses, subways, trains, taxis, cars and have done a huge amount of walking too. 

Everywhere we looked there was a sight to fill us with awe. This is without mentioning to delicious food which we had everyday. 

There are so many wonderful experiences to share and words are not enough. Here are some photos that highlight what we have done. This group of young people have evolved immensely and have become a real unit. The scope of travel, cultural adjustments and unique experiences have certainly shaped all the kids in some positive way. 

We will have an assembly to showcase even more. 

In 2020 we aim to take an even larger group to China. 

A great way to do this is to homestay in term one which is a fantastic kick start to funding.