Blossom Trees in Room 9!

By Hamish Drummond | Posted: Sunday November 3, 2019

Room 9 delved deep into Chinese culture this week by creating their own Blossom Trees that signify the end of Winter and the start of Spring.

November, what a beautiful time of year! Room 9 celebrated this by creating their own Blossom Trees. Lead by one of our wonderful Mandarin Learning Assistants, the students first created their trunk with black ink. Blowing through a straw, we shaped our tree with soft and strong breaths, just like the varying breezes of November around the Otago region. 

Next, we used cotton buds to dab the blossoms on to the branches. The red blossoms symbolise happiness, good fortune and beauty. Room 9 thoroughly enjoyed creating these and they look TREEmendous on our wall!  

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