The World Waits for no one...

By Courtney Lousley | Posted: Tuesday October 27, 2015

A quick drive to Kings and 11 Tahuna students got to hang with nine bands, 22 guitars, bass, drums, microphones, amps get the opportunity to jam with Jon Toogood of Shihad.

Experiences drive us to improve and be better.  Surrounding ourselves with positive, driven and passionate people who strive to reach their goals and dreams; these are the people we all need in our lives.  Thank you to all the musicians who gained selection for the New Zealand Music Commissions with Jon Toogood - you were inspirational.

There were eleven students who jumped eagerly into our school van last Thursday to drive down to Kings High for our session with JT.  The vibe was sound, the instruments packed and we were off.  As per usual the muso's were behind schedule so it was lucky that Mr Lousley got them to be 15 minutes early (yep, we left on time).

Many questions were asked of Jon and he was great value.  The kids introduced themselves and had a good discussion before getting up to showcase their talents.  Jon was excited and impressed by how keen everyone was.  He simply passed on a message of work hard, keep writing and play play play.

From the mission our students gained much.  Two songs were written and played while at the session.  As soon as we returned to school one was played to the whole year 8 group.  EPIC!

The funny thing at the end was that we had 10 seats and 11 students to come back to school.  So in stepped Jon who (after a quick chat with Mr L) accepted the invitation to drive one of our students to school.

Te mahi pai

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