Tahuna Staff Profiles Kelsey Brocklebank

By Roddy Scoles | Posted: Tuesday March 10, 2015

This week our profile is the fabulous Miss Brocklebank. Interesting fact Miss Brocklebank is an ex-Tahuna student!

Kelsey Brocklebank

Year 7 Teacher

Playing Netball, Basketball and Volleyball. Watching all kinds of sport. Reading. Travelling.

The Best thing about Tahuna is...
The people, staff and students. All of the excellent opportunities that Tahuna offers. Eg: Camps, Remuera Exchange, Ski Trip (fun for teachers too!).

Extra Curricular responsibilities
Volleyball, Year 7 Netball, Miniball coach.

What Tahuna students say about me would be that
That I use way too many hand gestures. I’m Friendly, approachable, sporty and I’m sure, at times, grumpy!!

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