Trash Art!

By Willow Stanton | Posted: Sunday August 2, 2015

As part of the Cadbury's Chocolate Carnival, the Keep Dunedin Beautiful project ran a "Trash Art" competition.

 They asked for all the entries to be made from rubbish, the unwanted wrappings and containers from your house. There were three categories. Individual wall hanging, individual sculpture and group sculpture. There were different ages too.

I chose to make a penguin sculpture. I used a lemonade bottle for its body, a biscuit box for its head, bottle lids and old batteries for its eyes and card for its wings. I made it an iceberg out of bubblewrap from when we moved house and sea from a cardboard box. I was shocked and happy when I won my category in my age range. I won a rather large bag of chocolate goodies, a family pass to Cadbury World and got a certificate. The judges liked my penguin being made from plastic as it is a big pollutant of the sea. It was a great activity to do. As well as showing how much rubbish we have in our homes we can recycle a lot! It was also a lot of fun to make. I will definitely do it again next year.