YES! Tahuna is a BYOD school.

By Rob Wells | Posted: Friday February 9, 2018

Many parents have been asking if their children can bring their device to school and the answer is yes.

At the Tahuna we are very fortunate to be able to provide a number of digital devices to support our students learning. Ideally a one to one device situation would be awesome for our online learning programs. One way to help us achieve this goal is utilising our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) option. 

At Tahuna students are able to to bring their digital device (either a laptop or tablet, as cell phone screens tend to be a bit small) and be connected to our ultra fast network. This gives them regular access to their own device when working with our digital programs. Another great benefit is that students are already familiar with their device. There are no pre set apps to purchase as most of our content is web based. Any recommended apps (for tablets) are free to download and our tech savy staff can assist with this if necessary. If you are thinking about supporting your child's learning with a BYOD please feel free to talk with your child's classroom teacher or email [email protected]