Scooters & Bikes - Responsibility

By Roddy Scoles | Posted: Monday March 11, 2019

We have had a couple of issues related to scooter security. It is understandable when students leave their scooters lying around instead of securing them.

As you will know our bike sheds are very close to the road. Members of the public can see into where bikes and scooters are stored and have in the past on rare occasions entered the school and stolen bikes and scooters. The students who have secured scooters and bikes never have a problem, however, those students who leave them lying around unsecured have been less lucky. While we do our best it is ultimately up to the students to secure their own bikes and scooters. A cheap bike or scooter lock can definitely save you a headache!

Please remind your child that the scooter is their responsibility and it should be locked. 

We do have a CCTV camera in the general area and Mr Phillips is happy to let students look at footage when there is an issue. Last year we locked the gate to the road beside the bike shed as a deterrent to people coming on to the school grounds. Students can enter and leave via the other entrances.

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