Tahuna School Haka

By Salote Rouvi | Posted: Sunday September 17, 2017

Do you know the history and meaning behind our Tahuna school Haka? Read below to find out more about its journey.

The Tahuna School Haka was gifted to the school by ex-Tahuna student Taikawa Cassidy and his father Komene Cassidy.

The essence behind this Haka is that while maintaining your own personal strength and mana, as a group our strength is as one and therefore stronger. As a group, we stand as one with the pure strength, and never leave anyone behind.

The school performs the school haka at a variety of events and in a range of settings. Usually when welcoming a groups into the school, or when special rewards are given out. Other special occasions like when staff members leave Tahuna.

Our goal is to teach all members of Tahuna the school haka and look forward to Marae Week when this comes into fruition.

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