Connecting through coding

By Karen Parker | Posted: Thursday March 15, 2018

Room 15 have been learning how to code NXT robots as part of their coordinate study

Room 15 have been using the NXT robots to learn about co-ordinates.  Last week was their first session using the robots.  The students were set the challenge to get their robot to travel around a one metre square.

This challenged involved using practical maths. Students were thinking about angles, measurements, rotations, perimeter, time and distance.

The class learnt about computer science and the need for debugging a programme due to variables as they tried to get the angles correct for the turns.  The robots wheels did not turn as easily on the carpet as they did on smoother surfaces and Room 15 did very well adjusting their angles to get their robot to turn 90 degrees down the line.

This week coming week the students will be working on getting their robots to specific co- ordinate positions.

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