Zhengzhou No.2 Foreign Language Middle School arrives to Dunedin.

By Courtney Lousley | Posted: Thursday March 15, 2018

Yes it has begun for real! The official first student exchange has taken place with our Sister School. 30 students and 4 staff arrived for an epic week of activities at Tahuna, Dunedin and our surrounding areas.

Wow!  What an experience over the past 10 days.  The relationships built with our Chinese visitors and Tahuna students has been fantastic.  The reality of bringing this trip to fruition was immense and now we are gearing to take Tahuna students over to China to visit Zhengzhou.  The goal is to undertake this trip within the next 12 weeks.

Having homestay families with current pupils of Tahuna was fantastic.  The chance to walk to school for our guests has been brilliant. The scenery and community surrounding Tahuna is such a change for our our visitors and they simply loved it!  We will have another group of around 30 students arriving later in the year and we only require 15 homestay families to be able to host.  The opportunity is becoming very popular and if interested please contact the school to secure your hosting place.

We featured in the ODT twice this week which was great to see that the connections being made between our two schools is being recognised as a very positive thing in our community.