Room 1's Climbing Wall Experience.

By Patrice Connor | Posted: Wednesday June 17, 2015

All Year 8 classes are involved in an EOTC activity day which involves visiting the climbing wall at Logan Park High School and a visit to the Botanic Gardens for orienteering.

On Tuesday, Rooms 1 and 4 went rock climbing at Logan park High School. Room 4 went off to the Botanic Gardens and we went on to Logan Park High. When we arrived we were split into two groups, one went to the climbing wall and the other group did science experiments, drama and also quizzes. 

The first thing we did in rock climbing was to sit down in a group so the instructors Mr Tim and Kat could introduce themselves. Once they did that they asked us to go and try on some rock climbing shoes, they said that they will help you grip onto the rocks and you had to get a pair that was very snug fitting on your feet. Next we had to get some of the energy out of us by climbing around the walls but we weren't allowed to go above the white line. 

After we'd done that we all came and sat back down and they demonstrated a couple of times how to tie the figure 8 knot and how to belay. Once we knew what to do, we started climbing. It was awesome fun!  

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