By Patrice Connor | Posted: Monday August 3, 2015

This term is our Health focus term with students involved in a wide range of health related learning.

It started with a splash as all students began our Aquatics unit which last for the entire term and involves each team going swimming once a week at Moana Pool.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to be involved in a weekly coaching session with Swimsation instructors plus experience a range of water safety and confidence activities taken by our teachers.  The activities they take part in include kayaking and how to do a roll over, deep water safety skills including the use of lifejackets and survival in deep water, stroke / water polo plus time in the wave pool.

Kia Kaha is an anti-bullying unit which is happening in the first four weeks of the term.  Kia Kaha means 'Stand Strong, Be Brave' and our students understand that bullying is not acceptable in any situation, they identify the different types of bullying and develop some strategies to help them if they experience this.

The other big focus for this term is Positive Puberty.  Through this unit students learn about and discuss the external and internal changes that both boys and girls go through as they go through puberty.  Many students feel a little nervous prior to the start of this unit which is perfectly normal.  Parents to often have questions about what is covered and how the unit is taught, there will be a Parent Meeting on Tuesday 11th August in Room 28 at 7pm.  

Winter tramps are also on the agenda with classes buddying up to tramp some of the wonderful areas around Dunedin. Parent support will be required with these tramps so keep an eye out for notices about your child's class tramp.

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