Rakiura Adventure 2018

By Hugh Jack, Emily Hewson & Ruby Walton | Posted: Friday November 9, 2018

All students were fantastic and a real credit to their families. Big thank you to Miss Cooper, Mr Lousley, Mr Scoles and Mr Muir for their help in making it such a a great way to finish term three.

This year I got to go to Stewart island. We made a day out of the trip both ways, including a Subway lunch in Invercargill on the way back up.

There was always something to do, and we were always doing some sort of activity, from fishing to kiwi spotting at 9pm. One of the things I’ll never forget was when I saw a wild kiwi for the first time on the second night of kiwi spotting.

Ulva island was amazing, the wildlife was incredible, and it was a surprise to find a massive sea lion at the bottom of the steps leading down to the beach where we had lunch. Some of the views during the hikes were mind-blowing and the orienteering course was a fun way to ignite some friendly competition.

Even after a tiring day of activities there was still time to play a few games of mafia.

It was an action-packed week that I would recommend to everyone thinking of applying for this amazing opportunity, it was the best school trip I’ve ever been on.

By Hugh Jack

Stewart Island is one of those places you must go. I have an interest in nature, science and conservation so I could hardly pass up on a chance to go to Stewart Island! My highlights of the trip...

Ulva Island - it was awesome to find no possum markings on trees or rabbit poop anywhere - no wonder they call it a sanctuary.

Ringaringa Beach - I loved exploring Ringaringa beach, this was where I found a huge camouflage crab.

Orienteering - My team came first place, this was a really cool activity to see the sights of Oban.

Kiwi - One night we went on a walk in mostly darkness. We saw 3 Kiwi and 3 little blue penguins! - this was my favourite highlight.

Fishing - Even in harsh conditions we managed to get out fishing and caught lots of blue cod for tea. We were lucky enough to have the kitchen at the South Seas Hotel to cook the fish we caught for our dinner. Yum!

All I can say is it was an amazing opportunity and if you get the chance to apply to go, you should.

By Emily Hewson.

On the last week of term three a group of kids from all over the school were chosen to go to Stewart island. The ride was long and cramped but it was totally worth it.

When we got to bluff we couldn’t wait to hop onto the boat, some people were nervous and I kept on saying “I’m so excited that I think I might explode”. The boat went up and down, it would go up and soar it’s way down, SPLASH! Spraying the windows.

When we got there everyone was buzzing, “where are staying”, “what’s for dinner” it was super exciting.

When we got to the backpackers we unpacked all the bags. Now it was time for rooms, Mr Scoles said me and two others were sleeping outside I thought he was joking until Mr Lousley lead us into the bushes then I definitely thought it was a joke but when I saw the cabins and I sighed with relief.

The activities we did there include: tramps, the orientation scavenger hunt, fishing, kiwi spotting, a trip to Ulva Island, early starts, late nights, a tip to the local museum, the local school production and making new friends etc.

My favourite activity was fishing but the rule was the first person to catch a fish had to kiss it but even though I wasn’t the first person to catch I still kissed mine, catching your first fish ever is a feeling of achievement, success and that was a summary of my experience at Stewart Island. 

By Ruby Walton