Hangi for Lunch.

By Terry Hokianga | Posted: Thursday October 29, 2015

What a Way To Wrap Up Our Marae Week Experience!

What a way to wrap up our Marae Week experience.  At 3am members of the staff assembled and lit a huge bonfire which was the means to heat the iron. The iron was kept glowing hot until 8am. At this time the ashes from the wood used were extracted from the pit leaving the iron. Then 6 baskets containing meats and vegetables were placed over the iron, soaking wet sheets followed by sacking were then placed over the baskets. As the steam billowed from the pit earth was then used to trap the steam and after 4 hours of cooking lunch was ready. The year 7s were gathered by the pit and individually students chose what they wished to eat. Everyone really enjoyed their portion many coming back for more. Fantastic day had by all capping off a wonderful Marae Week experience for our Year 7 students.

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