Would you like to learn more about Tahuna’s
Te Taiopeka Whānau? 

By Kelly Tikao | Posted: Friday February 26, 2016

We have a hui on Thursday 10th March at 5pm, Tahuna Staff Room. All whānau welcome. 

Kia Ora Koutou. My name is Kelly Tikao and I am one of the whānau members of Te Taiopeka. This is the relatively new name for the Tahuna Kapahaka group formerly known as the Multicultural Group. It was decided that a Māori name was needed to describe the kapahaka group and hence Te Taiopeka was chosen. Te Taiopeka means a group that gathers together and this name reflects the many individuals within the group. Tahuna appropriately uses the local Kāi Tahu dialect, therefore the ng in penga is replaced by a k to produce Te Taiopeka.

Te Taiopeka Whānau are not only those whānau who have children in the kapahaka group but anyone who has an interest in things Māori, in Māori education within Tahuna or who would like to support some of the Māori activities held throughout both Year 7 and 8.

We encourage everyone to come along to our meetings once a term, where we discuss things such as: the production of a new korowai (cloak), the presentation of a new whakairo (carving), the awarding of some new taonga (trophies) to kaiako/tauira (teachers/students) and the Māori content within the curriculum.

Our meetings are relaxed yet proactive and positive. You’re not required to know te reo Māori or to do anything at these meetings. We just encourage you to come a long and listen and/or contribute to the kōrero (discussions). Our meetings will be advertised in the school newsletter but you can also ask Mr Hokianga or at the office for the meeting dates.

No reira, naumai, tauti mai ki tēnei hui a tērā wiki. Kaua e whakamā. Don’t be shy.


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