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Room 1 Scientists!

Posted: Thursday June 23, 2016

Last week Room 1 did the Blobs in a Bottle experiment (commonly know as Lava Lamps) in Chemistry. It was awesome! Below is some photos of the experiment and our findings!

Intro to Scuba at Dive Otago

Posted: Monday June 13, 2016

Over four Fridays this term Tahuna students are taking part in a PADI Intro to Scuba Course at Dive Otago. Our instructors, Emma and Thea have been incredibly encouraging and all students have had a lot of fun and are itching for more tuition in the future.

Wearable Arts Elective

Posted: Sunday June 12, 2016

Elsha & Tehya share what is going on in their elective this term.

Sale - Canterbury Trackpants

Posted: Friday June 10, 2016

Canterbury navy track pants are part of our school uniform and may be worn for PE. They can also be worn to and from school in the winter months. We have a number of these for sale in limited sizes. At $60 you won't get them cheaper elsewhere.

Te Taiopeka Whanau Hui 

Posted: Thursday June 9, 2016

It was great to see some new faces at our hui last term. We are always keen to see new whanau and share ideas. Nau mai, haere mai!

Badminton Success

Posted: Wednesday June 8, 2016

Southland Badminton Under 15 Tournament

Netball Development Squads

Posted: Wednesday June 8, 2016

A big congratulations to the following players who have been successful in being selected for development squads.

Food Technology School Holiday Classes

Posted: Wednesday June 8, 2016

No plans in the holidays? Want to develop some new skills in the kitchen?

Talented Designers

Posted: Wednesday June 8, 2016

Mia and Zara from Room 15 created a dress called 'Mermaid-Beach' at Wearable Arts

South Island Diving Champion

Posted: Wednesday June 8, 2016

How high would you go?

Creative Writing From An Image

Posted: Wednesday June 8, 2016

I Remember.....

Explosions, fungi, trains and wild weather!

Posted: Tuesday June 7, 2016

Our Science experiments elective took off with a bang when we sent our rockets flying sky high on the school field in week one.

Mandarin Elective at Tahuna

Posted: Tuesday June 7, 2016

Language, cultural understandings, games and activities.

Cartoon Elective

Posted: Tuesday June 7, 2016

Cartooning on Fridays for electives is really fun. Everyone is working on different projects or just continuing to develop their drawing skills.

Rugby 101 a hit!

Posted: Tuesday June 7, 2016

Rugby elective on a Friday is becoming a real testing ground for up and coming rugby enthusiasts at Tahuna.

Design Stars Elective: Budding Fashion Designers

Posted: Tuesday June 7, 2016

Twenty enthusiastic students have been sketching, planning and measuring in the Textiles Technology room over the past few Friday mornings during our elective time.

Amberly's Aerobic Success

Posted: Tuesday June 7, 2016

On Sunday the 22nd of May, Amberly Orr competed in the Otago Gym Sports Competition.

Look at what's happening during Visual Arts Elective on Friday's.

Posted: Tuesday June 7, 2016

Having the opportunity to use a variety of mediums in art and learning how to effectively use them is what electives is about.

Fair Testing in Room 16

Posted: Tuesday June 7, 2016

Blubber Glove!! Ever wondered how polar animals stay warm in the ice cold water??

Friday Elective: Hiphop

Posted: Monday June 6, 2016

One of Tahuna's electives is Hiphop, taken by Miss Leonard.