General Information

Tahuna welcomes international students to friendly, supportive enjoyable learning along with Dunedin's greatest year 7 & 8 students.

A warm welcome to all students and families. Tahuna has a proud record of providing quality programmes, and of students striving for outstanding achievements. It is the school for the new millennium. We look forward to the next few years of your child’s schooling. At Tahuna we will build on the development begun in Primary school but also add a new range of learning opportunities to meet the broadening interests and developmental requirements of the pre-adolescent. This is an important time in their academic and social development and Tahuna is staffed and resourced for the formative years. We have a wide range of learning opportunities available in the curriculum areas, sport, and cultural activities, many taking place outside school hours.

The basics in reading, writing and mathematics continue to be emphasised, along with the skills of communicating, co-operating, and solving problems. Tahuna has a supportive, positive learning environment where every child is encouraged, with successes being acknowledged regularly.
Tahuna is closely linked to the Dunedin College of Education, a “Normal” or “training” school where the expertise of all staff is used to assist teachers in training. We have a skilled team of staff combining new initiatives with tried and true successful approaches.
Working together we can make a difference to your child’s attitude, efforts and achievements. That is the challenge we accept.

English for Speakers of Others Languages (ESOL)

Each international student is supported by an ESOL programme. On arrival, an assessment of the English level of the student is made. There is no cost for extra instruction when it is arranged by the school and is taken by staff. The School accepts students with a range of abilities in English language.

There will be regular reports to parents on the progress of the students.

Facilities Equipment and Staffing

Tahuna Normal Intermediate School specializes in teaching and learning programmes for Year 7 and 8 students. It is a “Normal” school, which means it has close links with the University of Otago College of Education.
Tahuna has 18 classes where students learn English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education with their home room teacher. Students also enjoy the specialist teaching in Technology, Music and Art. Technology includes working with Foods, Materials, Biotechnology, and in Workshops with a range of materials.
Tahuna is well resourced for the varying curriculum needs of this age group. Staff are enthusiastic, and deliver quality programmes, enhanced by outstanding performing arts and sporting opportunities.
International Students have enrolled for a variety of reasons. Common reasons include:

  • New Zealand Curriculum Framework
  • To improve English – reading, writing and speaking
  • To improve conversation English
  • To improve understanding of the New Zealand way of life
  • To prepare for Secondary School in New Zealand.

Reporting to Parents

Parents are welcome to inquire about progress at any time. Open communication between home and school is encouraged. Twice a year there will be formal school reports that detail progress in each subject.
If parents have questions about academic progress, they should contact the class teacher through the school office.


It is a condition of enrolment that the International Student must be living with their parents or a designated caregiver. If they are to live with a designated caregiver, then Tahuna must receive an indemnity document signed by the student's parents, the Principal must visit the home to ensure the home is suitable, and meet with the child once a term to ensure they are still happy in their accommodation.

The offer of a place is therefore dependent on the Principal being satisfied that the student will be in appropriate accommodation.


Uniforms are an important part of the identity of a school in New Zealand. Students who enroll at Tahuna Normal Intermediate must wear the correct school uniform.

Attendance at School

A student must attend school every day. If they are absent there must be an explanation. If a student is sick for more than two days their absence must be covered by a medical certificate from a doctor.
If a student is continually absent without due cause they can be removed from the school by the principal as they are breaking the conditions of their visa.

Health and Safety

In some cases, we are unable to guarantee the health and well-being of the student, because the student has issues relating to mental and physical health that were not disclosed prior to enrolment or have arisen since arrival. In such cases the Principal reserves the right to terminate the contract for enrolment.

Grievance Procedures

In all matters of discipline, the Board of Trustees will be involved in the decision to remove a student from the school. If there is a problem, the student should approach the Teacher in charge of International Students first. If this teacher is unable to resolve the problem, the matter is referred to the Principal.

If the Principal makes a decision that parents feel is unreasonable or unfair, they approach the Board of Trustees who will form a Review Committee and report to the parents.

The Board of Trustees decisions are based on the Charter and Policies of the school. These documents form the basis of all work in the school.

If parents are unhappy with the decision of the Board of Trustees, there is a final appeal to the International Appeal Authority that is operated by the Ministry of Education. If the School is found to have acted badly, then they will be removed from the Ministry of Education Register of approved schools for International Education.