Our Learning

Positive Learning Environment

We are totally committed to creating an environment at Tahuna that is safe, positive and best suited to the needs of our students. We take bullying in any form seriously and the curriculum includes a number of programmes designed to help you make wise choices about your health and safety. We are also committed to providing special support and extension for students seeking greater challenges, and an inclusive, supportive environment for students with special needs.

“Kia Kaha” is a special programme for helping students deal with peer pressure and bullying. In Year 7 a unit is taught to help students meet the ongoing changes and challenges of puberty, and in Year 8 the “Keeping Ourselves Safe” programme is taught.

Tahuna welcomes students with special needs to our school. We have a policy of inclusive education that ensures that all students work alongside their peers in regular classes, and that special assistance and support is sought when required.

Tahuna provides and supports programmes for the gifted and talented and takes great pride in students seeking challenges and excelling. There is a positive culture of celebrating achievements and “doing the best you can”.


Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, so developing leadership skills is an important focus at Tahuna. You’ll have the chance to become a house captain, librarian, receptionist, team captain, class councillor or volunteer for a range of community programmes. You may be surprised how far these skills will carry you in life.

Make your views heard! Each class elects a class councillor and a deputy to attend school council meetings, discuss matters relating to the school and organise mufti days, social events and other fundraisers.

The chance to help those in need is offered throughout the year, as students volunteer for door-to-door appeals for worthy organisations.

Local environmental clean-ups are also a feature of the school year, helping to teach the importance of a healthy eco-system to our lives. The DCC has recognised the efforts of Tahuna students.

One student from each class gets to take part in the property committee, meeting regularly with the principal and the caretaker to ensure that school buildings and grounds are in a state where they can be enjoyed by everyone.


Tahuna prides itself on the wide variety of opportunities that students have available to them. Opportunities in all areas of the curriculum are enthusiastically planned by staff and students enjoy the challenge and the variety.

Opportunities in:

  • Art – including Art extension – outstanding art work seen around the school.
  • Reading – including the Tahuna Reading Awards scheme
  • Mathematics – including extension classes, mathletics & Otago Problem Solving
  • External examinations for those keen on a challenge
  • Spelling extension – including the Extra Spelling Competition
  • Written language with workshops that really appeal to our keen writers. – students submit work for publication and in many competitions.
  • Tahuna has won the Extra Current Events quiz for many years and students thrive on the challenges of these Tahuna workshops.
  • Science Fair – excellent opportunity for students to investigate and present their findings. The Tahuna Fair shows outstanding skills, efforts and scientific processes.
  • Music – including tuition and orchestra. Music sessions continue throughout the school week.
  • Music – creating amazing compositions, recording and presenting original and challenging items.
  • Tahuna has a large number of sports teams in a variety of sports. Teams enjoy competition and aim to develop skills, teamwork, sportsmanship and a love of sport.
  • Tahuna badges in fitness, performing arts, citizenship, and reading encourage students to strive to improve and to succeed.
  • Leadership – including school council.