Board of Trustees

Boards of trustees are accountable to parents and caregivers, their local communities, the Minister of Education, other government agencies and the public, for their actions and performance.

The board is the employer of all the school’s staff and is responsible for:

  • setting the school’s strategic and policy direction in consultation with parents, staff and learners
  • ensuring that the school provides a safe environment and quality education for all its learners
  • overseeing the management of curriculum, staff, property, finance and administration
  • consistently monitoring and reviewing progress against targets to inform future planning.

The board must have a charter, which sets out long-term goals and annual targets determining the school’s priorities. The board must monitor and report annually to its community and the Ministry of Education on progress towards those goals and targets. 


Tahuna Normal Intermediate Full-Annual Report 2020

Tahuna Normal Intermediate Full Annual Report 2021

Tahuna Normal Intermediate Full Annual Report 2022

Tahuna Normal Intermediate School Charter for 2021 

Tahuna Normal Intermediate School Charter for 2022-3


Board of Trustees 2023

Simon Clarke -  PRINCIPAL

Sina Walker  - PARENT REP                                                 

Marianne Coughlin  STAFF REP

Sarah Simmers - PARENT REP

Peter Renton - CHAIRPERSON

Gus Geary - PARENT REP

Steve Carr - PARENT REP

Board Policies

All Tahuna Normal Intermediate School policies and procedures are now done through SchoolDocs.Our parents can access these at any time via the School Docs link on this page. Every term, we review several of our policies or procedures. Information about current reviews and how parents can participate in these reviews will be shared via the school newsletter.

TNIS Board of Trustees

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