'Fri-Yay' Mathematics!

By Jess Cooper | Posted: Tuesday April 9, 2019

Team 4 have combined classes to complete practical, hands on 'Fri-Yay' maths sessions (on a Friday morning).

This term, Team 4 have been trialling a mixed practical maths session on Friday mornings known as the 'Fri-Yay Maths Session'. During this lesson, students across the four classes of Rooms 3, 5, 12, and 20, are given a challenge or problem. They work in mixed groups to plan, design, create and present their item within the given timeframe of 80 minutes. This term, we have focused on creating backpacks, catapults, bridges, and skateboard ramps.

These sessions require a lot of teamwork, measuring, number knowledge, problem solving, and good communication.

It is great to see the creativity come out in the students' designs and they are all really enjoying the practical challenge!

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