Welcome to The Hub!

By Sean Minhinnick | Posted: Thursday February 14, 2019

By the end of the first week The Hub connections are being made, our culture is being developed and it's buzzing with activity, learning, community and collaboration.

What a fantastic start to the year! Collectively we've all been very busy with setting up our learning environment, developing the skills to work well together and developing our values. 

We will be introducing a number of technologies to provide the students of The Hub with more opportunities to engage with teaching staff and you! These will be used to organise and display their learning in lots of different ways, like Seesaw, Co-Spaces and Hapara.

The Hub is all about working collaboratively, where we provide an innovative, engaging and meaningful program that builds confidence, creativity and responsibility in our learners..... so they are ready for the future!

We are committed to recognising individual differences and building positive relationships to achieve personal best in all areas of learning.

Our aim for your children in 2020 is to develop to be more independent, resilient and responsible, well rounded learners. We will support, challenge and provide opportunities for your child, but we want our students to:

* Have the confidence to take risks within their learning

* Be actively involved and engaged in the learning process

* Give every opportunity 100%, show perseverance and resilience through a growth and open mindset 

We're really looking forward to the year ahead and all the challenges for learning and personal development that await.

Mr Min & Mrs McBride

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