Building a bivvie!

By Olivia Bates | Posted: Monday March 2, 2020

Just before dinner the whole class went for a walk into the bush. It was about a 7min walk but when we were up there Miss Bates explained what we were doing and she said we are building a bivvie. We split into our activity groups and started building. First we built a frame in between two trees then our ground went around gathering sticks to put on the frame. Once all the sticks were covering the frame we all used our hands and feet to sweep up leaves off the ground. We threw all the leaves on the sticks until there were no gaps. Connor found what he called the Conner corner. While my group were working together making a door nick was building a fake campfire. It was cool until we smashed it and built a bigger and better one in the bivvie. After we did that Noah and I moved a giant log beside the bivvie to make a lovely seat. We cleared all the leaves off the ground and found a big stick and a leaf and made a flag. The bivvie was called the High Five hut. Our hands were really dirty because all the sticks had dirt and moss on them. Our heads were dripping with sweat. After that we walked back to camp and had some lovely burgers for dinner.

By Kavahn

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