Child to Child vision testing

By Karen Parker | Posted: Wednesday April 1, 2020

The Lab has been busy working through the child to child teaching and resource kit over the past few days.

The Lab has been busy working with Sarah and Mary from the Otago Polytechnic to give feedback on the teaching resource kit the team have been developing for the child to child vision screening as part of the Vision 20/20 project.

The Lab has worked through the three modules evaluating the all the STEAM components. The children have given feedback on the diagrams, videos, the student workbook and the teaching activities.

The modules were 

1 ) Learning about the eye and eye health

2) Simulating eyesight conditions and looking at apps which are designed to help vision impaired people

3) Child to child vision testing

It has been great to see them picking up small detail as the consumers of this product and we look forward to Sarah and her team coming back with the revised kit for us to try again.

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