Tahuna Newsletter

By Roddy Scoles | Posted: Wednesday April 15, 2020

Please help us with the Tahuna Newsletter. It will be a great way to share what is happening in our school community over the coming weeks. With your help we are hoping to make the newsletter weekly over the coming weeks.

Dear Students and Parents,

Next week our Tahuna Newsletter will go out to our school community. The content at the moment is not looking all that flash! That is where you guys come in. We are encouraging staff, students and families to contribute and share what they have been up to in their bubbles over the past few weeks.

It would be great to hear about what you have been doing at home in the kitchen, in the backyard, exercise routines, any local wildlife you have seen, projects, how you have kept in touch with friends and whanau, what you are looking forward to when the lockdown finishes etc…

Interviews with someone famous or a high profile ex pupil you may know would be great. Maybe if families or students that know someone can talk to them what they have been up to?

A lot of our parents are also Essential Workers. It would be fantastic for students to share the work they have been doing through writing brief profiles for these amazing people. It would be a good way to acknowledge the work they have done to keep us going.

We would also like to promote local businesses that are connected to our school community through our parents and families. It is hugely important that they get our support in the coming weeks and months. Please share business names with a few words about the products or services they provide.

Any ideas or thoughts about what we can have in a weekly newsletter would be greatly received.

All contributions can be emailed to [email protected]

Take care,

Tahuna Management Team