Anna in The Hub's Lockdown Highlights

By Sean Minhinnick | Posted: Sunday April 19, 2020

These are some of my Lock Down Highlights , about the awesome things happening with the Balogh Family!

Enjoy I have been practicing piano everyday, and as my sister is my piano teacher I can still have piano lessons because she is in my bubble! I am going to have a music exam on the 22nd of April, that Sara (my sister) created. 

One of the activities I need to do is research and do a presentation about a famous composer, ~ I have decided to do Franz Liszt, a hungarian pianist ~ who we watched a movie about earlier. I have been doing research about his life, and all the interesting things about him! My favorite piano piece from Liszt is: La Campanella ~ a beautiful spring composition, that reminds of the plants coming to life, after the cold winter. 

We have also been on walks together outside, or sometimes just hanging out in our garden or backyard if the weather is nice. Sometimes if we go for a walk we like to go in the morning at around 9am, so we can get refreshed before we start studying. Me and my brother Samu also like to go out biking, just staying near our house or roundabout. 

With my mum, we have done lots of creative arty things! We have been doing nice and colourful paintings together, trying out the new techniques we thought of. When it was Easter my mum made play dough for our family, and we each made a special shape. Samu (my brother) made a drum set because he plays the drums, Sara (my sister) made a cheesecake which looked very realistic and I made a gingerbread heart! After we finished making the shapes we put them into the oven to dry‚Ķ it was lots of fun and we had lots of laughter! 

I have also been singing with my mum, and she mostly teaches me little songs in Hungarian. It's a lot of fun and a big treasure in my family! In the past few days, me and my mum decided to do little puppets out of cardboard, we painted them and my mum sewed little hands and feet for them. They are so adorable! And I am very excited to do even more little puppets. 

Everyone has been helping out around the house, especially when we had a house inspection and my dad had to take photos about our house to send. We had to clean everything, and it took forever to finish the photos around our house! But usually as my mum studies in the morning we have to clean up after ourselves, after we had breakfast. I have been working on a lot of homework, and so has my family. 

We have study time in the morning, which is a quiet time for everyone, so we can work on our homework or anything we need to work on. Then in the afternoon we can be loud as nobody is studying. My mum is learning at Open Polytechnic, and my dad is learning at SIT, we three kids do homework and study until 2pm, in the afternoon! 

I am enjoying my lock down, because I have time for the things I normally can't do. I have fun things to do both with my family and by myself, and because I can spend much more time with my family then when I go to school! These are some of my Lock Down Highlights, about me and the things I have been doing at home. 

Hope you enjoyed it, and get to know more about me and the creative things that have been happening in my family! \

By Anna Balogh