Aria's bubble activities

By Sean Minhinnick | Posted: Sunday April 19, 2020

During lockdown me and my family tried to find something new to do every day to keep us busy and entertained.

Me and my family are lucky enough to live in Andersons Bay which means we are very close to a lot of walks. Everyday we try to get outside for some fresh air on a nice long walk or bike ride. Some days we walk over the Golf Course and over to John Wilson Drive. Others we walked down the hill from our house and all the way down to and around the Inlet.

Some days it were really windy and cold so we stayed inside but we still found some thrilling things to do. As sweet treats are a delicious snack and baking is a great skill to obtain it was time to get out the baking supplies. As I waited for the baking sweet aroma filled up my house and my nose. The taste of the baking was very pleasing and I just wanted more.

As it was Easter in the holidays Im sure lots of you went on an easter hunt. Me and my sister did too! We found lots of easter eggs inside but an outstretched trail leading outside. We even found some eggs in trees. Later on me and my sister decorated easter egg cookies, they didn't taste good tho. I hope you had a fun time with your family too. 

Me and my sister got quite bored one night so we decided to do some arts and crafts. My Mum got some toilet paper roll for us and we painted them. We used hot glue and stuck things on. It was a really fun craft and I recommend it. It too is also time consuming and I know many are bored.

Many nights I took my time to help Mum cook dinner. I enjoy baking and cooking in my spare time, learning new recipes is really fun to especially when you taste test. This night I made a cottage pie for me and my family it was so good.

Kia kaha and have a great rest of isolation

Aria McFelin

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