Fabulous Food Technology

By Jennie Scott | Posted: Sunday March 29, 2015

Delicious aromas, creative concept sketches, precise recipe development...and of course some taste testing!

During Term 1, our Year 8 students have looked at the senses and carried out several sensory experiments, involving ‘texture’ and ‘smell’. Students enjoyed the opportunity to then carry out sensory evaluation on their fruit turnovers and custard, using the new vocabulary they had learnt. Each student followed the design process, completed a concept sketch and then wrote a recipe for their own stuffed potato. 

Our Year 7 students have been an eager and enthusiastic group. Students identified safety and hygiene guidelines, and then sat their ‘Food Technology Licence’. They have explored flavour combinations and then designed their own smoothies. Students have learnt to follow a recipe and measure accurately whilst making M & M cookies and Perfect Pancakes. Each student designed, wrote the recipe and then produced their own Mini Pita Pizza. 

To see photos of your children's work please ask them to show you their Google Docs.

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