Up-Dated Futsal Information

By Sports Coordinator | Posted: Sunday February 27, 2022

Kia ora,

Thank you for your patience in regards to term 1 schools futsal! I know it can be frustrating and confusing at times but I can assure you it will all be worth it in the end.

Please read this information carefully- print it if you need as this will contain all information for Term 1 Futsal

Key information

Dates: 1st March -> 14th April

Cost per team: $315

Structure: Tues & Weds - 11 min halves and one minute half time

Thurs- 12 min halves and 1 minute half time


Entry to Edgar: Anyone above the age of 12 years and 3 months (players, coaches and spectators) will need to produce their vaccination pass on entry.

Zones: There are 3 zones in the Edgar centre that we are using. The draws will be displayed so that the zone your game is in will be highlighted the same colour as the designated zone e.g. if your court is in the yellow zone your court number will be highlighted yellow on the draw. I have tried to keep each division in the same zone each week but there may be some changes- there will not be any more than 2 different zones that games will be played in.

There is a limit of 100 people per zone. We have allocated how many people are allowed in the facility per team. This will vary from Tues-Thurs night. This can be a mixture of players, coaches and spectators.

Persons per teams

Tues- Max of 12 people per team

Wednesdays- Max of 9 people per team

Thursdays- Max of 9 people per team

For this to run smoothly and to continue to allow spectator entry all teams will need to come in together. It is strongly recommended that your team has a meeting point each week in the front carpark and you meet there every week. Wait until everyone is there and then go in together. Stray people will not be able to enter the facility as this makes head counts too hard. As exits are on the opposite side of the building to the entrance, walk your team back to the original meeting point and parents can be pick players up from there.

The zones all have different entrances and exits (please see below for details)

Orange (Wood Zone)- door to the left of the reception entrance. Enter via Emergency exit to the left of reception. Exit via roller door at the back of Court 9 (onto the alley way behind the Edgar Centre) (Sorry there is no orange highlight)

Yellow (Turf 1 Zone)- Enter via main reception. Exit via the white door at the back of court 11 (onto the alley way behind the Edgar Centre)

Green- Turf 2 Zone – Enter via roller door by court 16 – to the right of reception. Exit via Emergency Exit doors at the back of Court 16 (onto the alley way behind the Edgar Centre)

Attached is the Zone map. Entry and exit points listed below. Please note all exit is done onto the back alley of the Edgar Centre, which is blocked off from cars. Entry will be controlled, so once the previous round has finished and exited the next round will be let in. Just players and coaches allowed in. Vaccine pass required to be shown if over 12.

There is no absolutely no crossover of zones. If you are coaching multiple teams you will only be able to be in one zone the entire round. So you may need to get a parent or a teacher to cover the other team.

It is very important that you wait patiently outside until the staff let you into the Edgar Centre. This will not be able to happen until everyone from the previous round has left the facility. From the end of the game you will have 4 minutes to gather your belongings and players and exit the facility.

Please find the draw for term one below.