The slowest wins!

By Sean Minhinnick | Posted: Wednesday May 18, 2022

In Room 6 we've been looking at forces and how they create energy (either push or pull). We set a challenge to try and slow down the impact of gravitational force.

After looking into the different types of forces at play in our straw plane challenge, we took our learning a step further and applied it to the Slow Ping Pong Ball Run Challenge.

Students were tasked with creating a ping pong ball run, where the slowest time wins. The criteria was they could only use paper and tape, the entry point for the ball must be at least 25cm above the ground and the exit point must be at least 2.5cm above the ground. If the ball doesn't move for more than 10 seconds, it will be considered stuck and GAME OVER.

This project really got the students thinking and it was wonderful to see their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) skills at play.

A HUGE congratulations to Maddy, Sam and Jhia who won the competition with a slowest run of 12.70 secs - a remarkable effort! They were over 1 second clear of the 2nd place team.

Will definitely do this again next year!