School Athletics Fun Day

By Simon Clarke | Posted: Tuesday September 6, 2022

We need a 100% return on the survey form so that we know what every child is doing on Friday. Please click the link in the article asap.

This year we will be holding our Tahuna School athletics fun day at the Caledonian Sports Grounds at Logan Park. To save costs and ensure that this can be a free event, it will be greatly appreciated if you could drop off and pick up your child from the Caledonian Grounds. If you are unable to do this we will provide buses for children who can't get there.

Please fill this out by Monday the 12th of September to confirm that you can get your child there and collect. 

Drop off time at Caledonian 8:15 am-9am Pick up 2:45pm - 3:15pm.Students catching buses need to be at Tahuna no later than 8:30am and will be returned to Tahuna by 3:15pm

Parents/Caregivers are more than welcome to come and watch and support their child.  

Please make sure that your child has the following.

  • House colours if they wish and correct PE gear.  No face paint please, it is part of the DCC ground rules.  No formal uniform.
  • Sun Hat or warm hat depending on the conditions
  • Warm clothes
  • Plenty to drink
  • Packed lunch, no canteen.

Yours sincerely

Kate Walsh