Polyfest 2022!

By Olivia Bates | Posted: Tuesday September 27, 2022

On Wednesday the 14th of September. I performed at the 2022 Otago Polyfest. I performed Kapahaka representing Tahuna Normal Intermediate school. I was nervous but so pumped to hop on that stage and give it all I have got. As we were walking onto the stage, we heard yelling and people cheering us on.I was so excited, I had so much adrenaline flowing through my body I couldn’t wait another minute. We heard families yelling people's names. First the girls walked onto the stage and then the boys were next. It was my time to shine!

We finally got onto the stage the bright lights were shining on us we were ready. After the crowd stopped cheering, we performed 4 songs one after the other.We had everyone singing their hearts out. The poi girls were at the front and the boys at the back. But for the final part we did the haka and the boys got to come through to the front. Everybody's faces were shocked. We were all shouting our hearts out like there was no tomorrow. 

Overall, everything went well. We still needed to work on some things but the most important thing we had fun. I can't wait for next year!

By Kanu