Digital Music @Tahuna 2016

By Courtney Lousley | Posted: Thursday October 27, 2016

Music this term is focusing on digital music.  Kids have been using a range of apps and processes to create music with a specific emotional focus.  Music is then added to imagery which enhances the feel of their music.

Music comes in many forms and we are exploring digital music.  There are a set of specific processes that need to be followed as data is imported, shared and copied between applications.  The students are collaborative and passionate about creating their best end results.

Each person seeks to include how they used musical elements to enhance the feel and communication of their music piece. The completed works are then compressed and shared to google drive where they can be viewed and listened to.  

"Its cool and you can do what you want" comments Georgia.  "Its fun and cool to be able to do something different" Jordan replied when asked what she most enjoyed.  Others were able to include footage shot with our drone!!

Could there be a DJ of the future here at Tahuna?  

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