Tahuna Staff Profile - David Owen

By Roddy Scoles | Posted: Sunday March 29, 2015

Mr Owen is the tallest member of the Tahuna Staff. He also has many hidden talents.

Name - David Owen

Role - Year 8 Classroom teacher, Lead teacher of Mathematics.

Interests - playing and watching lots of different sports, being with my young family, growing our own veggies at home, watching My Kitchen Rules. 

The Best thing about Tahuna is - That every single day is different and brings new challenges. The fantastic group of students and staff. The way we are always trying to get even better at everything we do.

Extra Curricular responsibilites - Hockey Coordinator and Coach of the Tahuna ‘A’ Hockey Team.

What Tahuna students say about me would be that - “Gosh, you’re tall!” “Do you play basketball?” “What’s the air like up there?”

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