Volleyball Draw - Friday 31st of March

By Sports Coordinator | Posted: Tuesday March 28, 2023

All matches held at Edgar Centre this week, best of luck to all teams!

Tahuna Kraken v JMC Blue - 4:00pm, Court 5A

Tahuna Eels v Trinity CC Y7 Gold - 4:35pm, Court 5A

Tahuna Toa v Trinity CC Y8 Gold - 5:10pm, Court 5A

Tahuna MakoTahuna Wheke - 4:00pm, Court 5B

Tahuna Kiwi v Trinity CC Y8 - 4:35pm, Court 4A

Tahuna Kea v Trinity CC Y8 - 5:10pm, Court 4A

Tahuna Kaka v SHCS Hitters - 4:00pm, Court 4B

Tahuna Avengers v Trinity CC Y7 - 4:00pm, Court 4C

Tahuna Magic v Columba 7 Comets - 4:45pm, Court 4C

Tahuna All Stars v Tahuna Mystics - 5:10pm, Court 4C

Tahuna Taniwha v Green Island  - 5:10pm, Court 5B

Tahuna Toroa v EOHS Green - 4:00pm, Court 5C