Bivouac Building

By Kate Walsh | Posted: Saturday April 1, 2023

By Room 1

On the second day we couldn’t go kayaking or go on the confidence course because it was raining. So we went over to the forest where it was more sheltered and we had a competition where we would make a bivvy, and be able to fit at least eight people and stay warm and dry.

Our group found an old bivvy from Room 18 so we took it apart for the materials and started building a hut by using support of a tree. We had lots of fun!- By Zeke

Camp was great. We got to go on the flying fox, went on the confidence course and it hailed every time Miss Walsh stepped outside. But my favourite part was how we got to build bivvies. They were really fun we got to build in the woods. Our only resource was sticks, sticks and more sticks. Oh… and leaves. Before we left, Miss Walsh put us into four groups: group 1, group 2, group 3 and group 4 (I was group 4). Before we left we got into lots of warm gear and left. Once we got there Miss Walsh told us the boundaries and that we were allowed to use the resources of previous bivvies, but not copy the structure of the other bivvies. Once we started my group destroyed one of the previous bivvies and used the sticks from that bivvies. Once the bivvies were over we headed back to camp. We really enjoyed making them!- By Henry

On Tuesday after breakfast we went to the forest to make bivvies. When we got there we got put into groups of 7 or 8 people then we found a group leader (me ,Johnny). Then we went looking for a good spot to build and we went to a place on the hill. After that we went to find lots of branches. While looking for branches we found some rope to tie it together so it was more stable. We also tied it to the tree so it did not wobble. Then it was time to be judged. We are excited to find out who won- By Johnny 

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