Room 1 Camp!

By Kate Walsh | Posted: Saturday April 1, 2023

Image: Jacob enjoying the hail showers. Even if he was ready to go Kayaking!

Whilst the weather didn't really play ball, we still had an excellent time away at camp!

On the first day we went to the camp on a Ritchie bus. It took roughly 1 hour. When we arrived at the camp then we had morning tea then we set up tents. For the rest of the day we had free time and then we did a tramp. On the second day, we had beans, cereal and toast for breakfast. That day we also built bivis which are wooden structures made out of materials found in the forest such as mud, sticks and twigs. You build them just in case you get lost in the bush in a life-and-death situation. The next day we did rotations such as zipline, assault course, inside puzzles and kayaks but it was raining or hailing so we didn’t get to go on the Kayaks.- By Alex

At camp I liked all the things we did but my favorite was either the quiz night or confidence course. I didn't get to go on the confidence course that much because it would start raining every time we went outside. The quiz night was great too but we didnt get to do the last round. My team definitely did not win but it was still fun even though we didn't get a lollipop. Overall all camp was a great experience, especially putting up a tent by ourselves.- By Olivia

At camp I went on the Flying Fox and it was really fun. But then it hailed and we went into the Lounge room. After it hailed Miss Walsh stepped outside and it started hailing and raining again- what a coincidence. So we went into the gym and played a game where on person was blindfolded and had a blue noodle (You can have any colour noodle) and they sit on a chair with keys or something small under it and then the teacher calls someones name and they all have to try and get the object without getting hit by the blue noodle. - It was really fun!

Debbie the camp warden told us she has a wild kitten at the camp and she said it was a scaredy cat (pun intended) and it was a black cat with huge pretty bug eyes that were as yellow as a banana. It was so cute! And it was a black cat…maybe that's why it kept raining when Miss Walsh stepped outside…BAD LUCK!- By Maggie

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