Harry Styles by Bella Tempero

By Jess Lang | Posted: Monday April 3, 2023

Harry Styles is a famous singer from Redditch, England born on February 1st 1994.

When Harry was 14 years old he started working in a local bakery. Then when he was 16 he auditioned for the X factor. Although he didn't make it through the judges decided to form a band called One direction. One Direction later on became a popular boy band. Harry was the first member to go one with a solo career. His first hit was ‘sign of the times’ which reached the top 10 in the uk singles chart.

His hits now are ‘as it was’ and ‘music for a sushi restaurant’. His acting career started in 2017 when he starred in a world war drama movie called ‘dunrik’.

Harry is also famous for his quirky fashion on and off stage ( see photos at the bottom ).

Harry Styles has over 40 tattoos including a matching one with ed sheeran. In 2016 styles chopped his beloved locks for his role in ‘ dunkirk’ and donated them to a wig making place for kids who lost their hair due to cancer called little princess. Harry has gone on to win 88 awards including grammys album of the year (2023) and grammys best pop song of the year ( 2023).

Harry Styles had to face depression, anxiety and lack of confidence. He never believed in counseling but when he moved to LA he started therapy. He said “It changed my perspective on life”.

In 2012 to 2013 Harry Styles briefly dated Taylor Swift then he moved on to Kendall Jenner 2013-2016.

Harry Styles is planning to tour in more countries in the future.

By Bella Tempero.


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