BYOD at Tahuna 2023

By Rob Wells | Posted: Saturday December 3, 2022

For the Tahuna 2023 year, it is highly recommended that students bring their own device (BYOD) to school so we can reach our goal of one-to-one devices.

The amount of digital content that students are using today to access the curriculum is massive. Literally, every day students are using a device to support their learning. Ideally, a one-to-one device situation would be awesome for our students. Most of our units have a digital or web-based component to them. There are literally new digital resources and tools coming out daily which our teachers are using to support our classroom programs. Term 2 has a new Project Based Learning (PBL) unit which has a heavy digital focus and having a device will only extend your child's learning further!!

 There are many benefits to bringing your own device:

  1. The device will cater for your child’s digital learning needs through to High School
  2. Your child will maximise their access to digital devices both at school and at home.
  3. Your child learns self management and responsibility
  4. Access to engaging and rich authentic based digital content.

Students who bring their digital device will be connected to our ultra fast network. The best devices for this are a chromebook, laptop or tablet (smart phone screens are too small and can not be used for online assessments). This gives students regular access to their own device when working with our digital programs or doing assessments. Another great benefit is that students are already familiar with their device. There are no pre set apps to purchase as most of our content is web based.

Please feel free to talk with your child's classroom teacher or email [email protected]

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