By Olivia Bates | Posted: Tuesday April 4, 2023

By Charli

Alecia Beth Moore Hart was born on September 8th 1979. She is well known as Pink styled like P!nk. P!nk is an American singer/songwriter and actress. She was a member of a girl group choice. In 1995 LaFace saw she has abilities to become successful or useful in the future in P!nk, and offered her a solo recording contract. P!nk released her first song "There You Go", it was released in February 2000. P!nk released her second song In September 18, 2008, "So What" became her second number-one hit.


P!nkand her husband, Carey Hart, have been documenting their lives with their daughter Willow and son Jameson since becoming parents. Willow Sage Hart was born on 2011 2nd June daughter of P!ink and Carey Hart. Pink did not feel differently until she had her first child, Willow, and now she loves motherhood. Willow is also an American singer like her mother. Willow is featured in lots of P!nk’s songs. She sang the song “cover me in sunshine” with her mother. Her singing career started in 2021. Jameson Moon Hart was born on 2016 26th December son of P!nk and Carey Hart. He is the youngest child. He is also the younger brother of Willow.


P!nk has won 3 Grammy Awards, 7 MTV Video Music Awards, 7 Billboard Music Awards and 5 World Music Awards. P!nk is happy for who she is. 2023 P!nk is still performing singing across arenas and stadiums worldwide.

Later life

P!nk is still singing and songwriting. She is 43 but on September 8th she will be 44. She is now back together with Carey Hart after 2 serious breakups.

By Charli MacLean