VR Aquarium Experience!

By Manuel Wehi | Posted: Monday May 15, 2023

Written by Paige Carrington

This week we had an amazing VR Aquarium experience. First, the person in charge of the VR introduced herself with her mihi. Her name was Hannah. After that she explained how the headset worked and where the videos were filmed. We got to put the headset on and we first saw lots of fish and stingrays. After that we saw a new picture of fish and coral and kelp. We took the headsets off and Hannah talked about the healthy ocean and the not so healthy ocean. it looked totally different! We had to think of ways to stop the oceans looking that way. We learnt so much about how we can look after our oceans. One thing I learnt is that in some places there are small blue fish near storm drains that remind people that what you put down the gutter ends up in the oceans. At the end of the session we got to look at sharks and whales!

Here are some photos of our experience. 

Image Gallery